Rotating work station for reactivating and moulding counters.

The "ROTOMOULDER" is a rotating work station for the reactivation, moulding and flanging of shoe counters. The main advantages of this machine can be listed as follows:
- Increase in production with reduction in costs.
- Less fatigue for the operator.
- Low temperature processing resulting in less danger of damaging upper and lining leathers.
- Elimination of dead times for reactivating and moulding.

The machine is composed of four rotating stations, each of which is equipped with two work units: one on the right hand side for pre-heating, reactivating and combining the upper and counter and another on the left hand for forming and flanging the upper.
Once the two units have been loaded, the machine rotates automatically to position a new station in front of the operator ready to unload the upper and reload again.
This operation eliminates the dead times previously wasted waiting for the pre-heating and combining. In addition, the operator is not required to move backwards and forwards from left to right as with standard type machines, thus reducing fatigue.
Since the completion of a whole cycle on each station means that the upper remains on the unit for a longer period of time, work temperatures can be maintened much lower, reducing the danger of damaging upper and lining leather..

Main features:
- Optical beam or, as alternative, pneumatic reference disk for setting the upper edge position for folding over.
- Cold moulding cushion moulded to the customer's last with snap-on coupling for rapid change.
- Cold mould positioned on mobile last peg, slanted towards the operator for perfect upper positioning and centering.
- Adjustable upper pulling grippers with back and forward movement to ensure perfect upper adhesion to the aluminum mould.
- Electronic control card with programmable microprocessor.
- Automatic cycle and rotation start up on each station.
- Photoelectric safety barrier.

Available versions and optionals
88CHP: Without flanging wipers.
88CH: Without flanging wipers and hot reactivating pincers.
88ICHP: Model suitable for Ideal/Stichdown work.
OPT/C: Cushion support plate on cold stations.
OPT/GY: Equipment for GoodYear manufacturing.